Camouflaged Chameleons

Can you spot our camouflaged chameleons?

During our studies of animal habitats in science, we learned about adaptations --body parts and abilities that an animal has to help it survive in its habitat.

The amazing chameleon can change colour often and quickly to adapt to what is happening in its habitat. Sometimes changing color can make the chameleon more comfortable. Sometimes it helps the animal communicate. If a chameleon is cold, it might turn a darker colour. Why? Because darker colours absorb more heat than light ones. Mood probably causes most colour changes. For example, if a panther chameleon gets angry or wants to scare of predators, red and yellow replace its normal colour.

The first step of this project, students were asked to create a design using geometric shapes and colour them in using only three colours per shape. Once they were finished colouring their poster, I gave each student a blank chameleon and challenged them to hide them in their design.

Can you spot them?

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