Sunday, 25 November 2012

The week of November 26, 2012

This will be a bittersweet week at Swansea Public School. I will try to follow our normal routine as much as possible, while being prepared for whatever emotions and questions may come. I have known Tom for many years, first as a parent of a student at Swansea and this year as a co-worker. Please know that the staff and administration are all committed to supporting our students through this and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the office.

We will be having our introduction to Roots of Empathy Monday morning. I have not experienced this program first hand, but have friends who have had it in their classroom or who have facilitated it and they all speak very highly of the program. I think it will be a tremendous experience for the students and for me.

In les études sociales and science, we are beginning to wrap up our units on Canada and habitats and communities. Students will be working in small groups to put their new knowledge to use in both subjects. I am excited to see what they can come up with!

In math, we will be continuing to help out Muffles with his Truffles. This is our second Fosnot math unit and I have been so impressed with students' learning! Each unit uses a carefully crafted math story that allows students to work through mathematical ideas, strategies and models. We investigate, we do minilessons, we play games -- we are having fun with math!

And, finally, in French we have begun the dreaded task of verb conjugation! I am sticking with être and avoir for now and will add in simple er verbs this week (manger, parler) so that students can begin to express themselves in full sentences. I have seen a lot of progress in their oral expression lately. Félicitations à tous! We are also investigating J'ai Faim (I am hungry) and vocabulary related to food. Students will get a chance to put on a short dramatic piece (ordering at a restaurant) with all of these wonderful new words.

A new week is starting, allons-y/let's go!


  1. I love this initiative Mme Heenan! It's such a great and innovative way to keep us parents in the loop.xx

    1. are you Gian's mother? and yes this is coming from a student in P1 named Raya

  2. Thank you! I hope it gives you a peek into what we're doing in P1.