Saturday, 1 December 2012

December 1st

Wow, only 14 school days until Christmas Break. Where has the time gone?

Thank you all for the tremendous support you have shown the staff during this difficult time. Friday's ceremony was beautiful and the balloon release touching. Tom's legacy are his students. He has touched every one of them, deeply. And now, we move on -- Tom would have insisted -- but never forget.

We will welcome Baby Ben and his mom Tanis into our classroom for our Roots of Empathy class this week. We are all very excited to meet them both.

And it will be a busy week as we continue and/or begin the process of wrapping up various units: Canada in les études sociales and Habitats and Communities in Science. We having been studying J'ai faim (I am hungry) and students will be working in groups on a short dramatic presentation of this text. I always really enjoy watching them put these together.

I have found another website with fun activities to reinforce some of our basic French vocabulary: eStudio de France

And, finally, don't forget that Friday is a PA Day. No school for les éléves!

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