Friday, 21 December 2012


We finished up the students' readers' theater presentations of J'ai Faim this week. Readers' theater is a little different from a full dramatic presentation -- it is an integrated approach that involves students in reading, listening and speaking activities (eventually, they'll even write their own scripts!)  It requires no sets, costumes, props or memorized lines. The goal is to read a script aloud effectively and bring it to life with voice, facial expressions and some gestures.

Some of the students appear in more than one video; they were helping out by replacing people who were ill or who were going to be away on the performance day.

These are not public videos on my YouTube channel, and should only be accessible through these links.

Enjoy your children's performances. I certainly did. (Apologies to Alissa, Gian, Lazar, Sasha, Tate and Veronica -- I will save a new copy of your video with a fancy title and upload it over the weekend!)

Alex, Carys, Felix, Marko and Sophie

Hannah R., Matthew A, Matthew M, Raya and Victoria

Carys, Haydn, Mackenzie, Madelief and Carys

Alissa, Gian, Lazar, Sasha, Tate and Veronica

Gian, Hannah J, Haydn, Joseph and Mackenzie,

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